Pioneering coaching using Mind, Mood & Movement

Mind, Mood & Movement

My unique coaching style helps you develop a rich self-awareness and deep resilience, allowing unlimited change and growth. It’s intensive, challenging and requires courage and commitment.
People who work with me make significant changes, become strong, autonomous and free. To harness a growth mindset, one of discovery rather than defence, it is important to understand that our body and emotions greatly influence our thinking and actions.
The key principles are to increase deep level awareness, autonomy, resilience and responsibility for yourself and the world around you by working on the 3Ms - Mindset, Mood & Movement.

Mind / Mental

This is about mindset - thinking, beliefs, attitude, values and the inner narrative we live with. Are you running on old mental software? We’ll update your mindset so it’s optimised to allowing you peace of mind, calm confidence and inspiration. Identity - who are you today? Which version of you do you want to be but can’t figure how? We’ll work on this too.

Mood / Emotional

Our emotions affect our mind and vice versa. Emotional Literacy (being able to name, feel and process emotions) is a much needed skill as is Emotional Resilience. When you learn to handle challenges, they turn into opportunities for growth. Master this and you really will be liberated!

Movement / Physical

We feel, physically, we move and shape the body unconsciously and our body language affects us and those around us whether we know it or not. If you are connected and deeply aware of your body, you are present and able to make powerful choices. Your mind and body are one. If you want to move forward, working on every level gives you leverage for lasting change.

Working with me, you will get 3 levels of coaching including:

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Powerful face to face coaching sessions or Skype sessions if overseas

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Supported with phone sessions scheduled between the face to face sessions to keep you on track and motivated

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Email support throughout the time we are working together as another level of support between face to face and phone sessions

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