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Our Yoga Practice

Yoga embraces the union of mind and body, bringing awareness, acceptance and oneness.


In a busy, thought dominated world, I teach yoga to help you reconnect your mind and body using flowing sequences and postures that engage the whole body.

In class, we work with functional movement and heightened awareness to develop strength, increase flexibility and balance the nervous system. The approach is light, positive and always allows each practitioner to work to the level that is right for you.

My emphasis is to harmonise and synthesise the teachings of the East, including yoga, with the intelligence of the West using psychology and science. My approach to wellbeing is to integrated fusion of East and West: Yoga and mindfulness combined with psychology and science.

Yoga Sal Jefferies

Yoga Class Description

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a dynamic, flowing class designed to work every area of the body in a safe, enjoyable environment. In the flowing sequences, we synchronise the breath with movement to music creating a fluid approach to the practice. The dynamic nature of the flowing classes help create warmth in the body which increases suppleness as you practice which can be particularly helpful with less flexible people. This practice helps tone, sculpt, strengthen and stretch the body creating balance & harmony in the body and stillness & clarity in the mind.

We take great care to ensure your personal health & wellbeing and will need to know if you have any pre-existing health conditions before you attend a class. In most cases, yoga practice can be adapted for specific health conditions and generally helps in physical rehabilitation. Conditions including high blood pressure and all heart/cardiac health issues will need to be checked and confirmed by your medical practitioner in advance that it is safe to attend a dynamic flow yoga class.

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