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I got into professional coaching 5 years ago but really the journey started long before.

I have always had a deep fascination with the human condition, how the mind works and if we are able to elevate our consciousness. I have found that developing deep self-awareness is vital for a healthy and rich life.

Change is constant in life and yet as we get older, we are less likely to embrace change and more likely to default to past patterns and conditions however, you have the power of choice and can change your world if you’re prepared to awaken.

I have spent a lot of time, energy and money on my personal and professional growth and I continue to do so because I know how powerful it is to awaken, embrace change and continue to grow. Letting go of the 20th century mindset and fully embracing the world as it is today is not only smart; it’s essential if you want to thrive. You could think of it like a pension investment in your mind, health and business: allowing you to feel great and retain your vitality now and later in life.

  • Getting into an industry when I was told it wasn’t possible for me - Read more

    When I left school I wanted to work in advertising which, at the time, was very cool and prestigious. My friends all told me it wasn't possible as I didn't have the qualifications. That didn't stop me. I wrote letters to managing directors of adverting agencies in my area asking them how they got into advertising themselves.

    The ones who replied, invited me to come in and meet them and they told me that they too, didn’t have lots of academic qualifications and what really mattered was to be smart, creative in my thinking and tenacious - just as I had demonstrated by writing to them.

    Soon after, a position came up within an advertising agency, so I applied for the job knowing that although I didn't have the desired qualifications, that I had the courage and more importantly, the approach that would fit in the industry. I demonstrated this at the interview and secured the job, the career and a wonderful lesson about what it really takes to get somewhere.

  • Becoming a photographer having never taken a decent photo before - Read more

    When I decided to set up as a freelance photographer it seemed such an exciting career. The only problem was that I couldn't even use a camera and didn’t know my aperture from exposure! However, that didn't stop me from enrolling onto an evening class to learn the basics with an SLR and film.

    I practised taking photographs every day and wrote down all the technical details so I could learn my new trade. Within a year of starting, I had set up the business and then learned an even greater lesson: It takes time for a business to grow and it takes time to learn from your mistakes and one of my mistakes was the naive expectancy to make a living straight away. In fact it took three years before I was making a profit.

    I worked in the fields of music, photographic art, commercial and events and then made another transition to digital photography. Becoming open to how my creativity could be expressed whilst making a healthy profit was all about letting go of rigid expectations and then taking a new opportunity. 7 years of a highly successful business was to follow with a freedom based business which gave me the lifestyle l wanted.

  • Car crash and waking up to yoga - Read more

    In 2007, whilst rushing from one place to another, I was involved in a serious car accident where I skidded off a dual carriageway into a hedgerow, barrel rolled and landed with every part of car heavily damaged. I remember the experience of time slowing down as I barrel rolled and the deep feeling of peace. Of letting go. Thankfully, I escaped without physical injury only shock and a massive wake up call. SLOW DOWN. The following week was one of the most peaceful times I can recall.

    After this I made a decision to change my mindset and expand. I was already part of a group that met weekly and studied and debated an ancient Indian school of philosophy called Adviata Verdanta which means ‘not two’ or ‘non-duality’ but I also immersed myself in physical yoga practice and loved this so much, I decided to train to become a teacher and have been teaching yoga since 2010.

  • Conscious coaching is the future - Read more

    In 2011 I wanted to go even deeper in to the world of self-development and psychology so I enrolled on a Post Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy and this was a time of great learning, enjoyment and growth for and pushed me further than I had been so far.

    I was one of only 2 previous students to be invited to come back onto the teaching faculty as a Group Facilitator for the first year students; which was a great achievement. Since completing the training and experiential work ‘in the field’ with real clients and under supervision, I qualified and was ready to find my own expression of helping people change, evolve and grow.

    Over the last 5 years I have developed my own pioneering style for coaching that works with Mind, Mood and Movement and found the balance of inner work plus external action has allowed my clients to live a life that is conscious, creative, courageous and inspired. This is definitely not a comfortable process and to work with me you need enough courage to get going, but I find once we start, the skills you’ve been missing rise to the surface and thing change.

    I know change is possible and problems can be changed into possibilities. If you want to live the best life, then get in touch today.

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